PostArt # 89 – On US election eve, watch US “enemy” images

Lund, Sweden – November 3, 2020

Dear art and art photography friend

US election evening! Whether Trump or Biden wins doesn’t matter that much. All Empires and militarism have declined and fallen. The US will too, and it will likely be history’s last empire.

To make the world a more humane and creative place, we need to pull together and make Peaceful Coexistence Great Again. As the Danish global thinker, designer and philosopher, Piet Hein, once expressed it: It is co-existence or no-existence.

While you wait for the outcome and the ensuing chaos, you may enjoy my works from some of the countries the United States insists are its enemies – another way of saying “enemy images”:

From China – “Eclecticism” (2020)

From Iran – “Mother And Child At Mosque” (2012)

From Syria – my unique documentary photography from the liberation of Eastern Aleppo in December 2016
– painful destruction and also human hope. These unique series have been seen by 175 000 people but never published by the Western mainstream media I offered them to.

Biden-Trump Election Collage Nov 3, 2020 – © Jan Oberg

Look ahead! … The UN sustainability goals! The global environment! The militarism, nukes and warfare! The Corona! … We must see friends and not see enemies all around and all the time. Wall-building belongs to the past, bridge-building to the future.

In the larger scheme of things, the two presidential candidates offer woefully little hope. That’s a tragedy for the US itself, for the West which has made itself dependent on it – and for those of us who grew up with a boundless admiration for the US and its cultural creativity.


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