While images take centre stage, I also write texts – of three different types:

a) A logbook of my activities, year-by-year.

b) A Blog “My Own Works” with posts that focus on what I do, plan to do, what I grapple with or on how I work.

c) The “Other Art Blog” – on which I write about photography and other art by everybody else but myself. I see art wherever I go and I share positive experiences. I am not an art critic but see myself as an art recommender.

Please note

The materials on these blogs reach back to 2009 when I started my photo and studio activity. Over time, I have changed Newsletter provider – for instance, I do not use Mailchimp anymore; my homepage is now with WordPress but I have been on two other platforms before that. My Instagram account has changed, and all posts on the external “Oberg Photo And Other Art Blog” have been migrated into and categorised in either The “Other Art Blog” or the Blog “My Own Works.”

It is virtually impossible to avoid that some links will not work or will carry you to places where I no longer am. However, what is preserved – mostly – are my texts.

For the records, I’ve let it all stand as it was written there and then. Enjoy and…

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