PostArt # 90 – The art home

Lund, Sweden – November 29, 2020

Dear art and art photography friend

Happy Sunday!  I believe the corona times – terrible as they are for many – should also be used constructively: Experiment with new things and make old things better.

I continue to adapt to become a true arthome you can walk around in virtually. It’s a whole new experience.
And it’s only the beginning.

When you enter there is a moving inspiration guide – you flip through it in your own speed as it is not a video.

On the welcoming frontpage, you’ll see why this is an entrance to a personal home and not, like so many today, merely a place for easy and fast shopping. 

I ‘renovate’ my virtual art home step-by-step – like I do all aspects of my works from shooting to printing. I seek to make my home a piece of art too – a home gallery with many rooms in which you feel at home, stimulated. I welcome you but do give yourself a little time!

I mean – why do people who spend a long time reading a book or seeing a movie think that a homepage is something to be consumed in 20 seconds?

The new virtual exhibition in two parts

The “Silk Peace Art Road (SPAR)” – gallery exhibition is now closed. But here’s the good news: You can sit on the other side of the globe and still walk around it virtually. You can walk from one work to the next hanging on the wall, dwell or quickly pass by, you choice… and it’s open any time you like.

The second part shows some of the “China 1983” Series.

This is the closest you come to a ‘real’ visit: Try it! Welcome in!

After having walked around, you can move straight to portfolios with explanations and to the shops for each series. (You may need a present soon?).
Or you explore the rest of my art home by clicking any of the top menus.

This home is rich, diverse and “different”.
It’s free.
It’s open any time.
It’s implies no Corona risk
– and I am right there when you contact me.


• A new exhibition with mixed images and media will eventually be opened – online and for visitors by appointment.
• The work continues to make the homepage richer and easier to navigate (+ new front page and images can now be enlarged).
• There is a new section with my documentary photography.
• OBS! And I have a new e-mail address:

I welcome visitors to my studio here in Lund – max 5 at a time.
contact me anytime on or phone me at +46 (0)738 525200.

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