SPAR – Recommendations and Documentation

Here a few documents and persons in support of the genuine character of this project:

References & recommenders

Ms Lucia Pedrana
The GAA Foundation
Venice, Italy
Phone: +39 346 7603386

Mr Sören Sommelius
Cultural blogger and author
Helsingborg, Sweden
Phone +46 70 517 50 45

Ms Julie Brink
Chair and editor
The Friendship Association Denmark-China
Aarhus, Denmark
Phone +45 86231012
This friendship association is a partner of the
Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

Julie Brink’s recommendation (PDF)

The Board of TFF
The Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research, TFF
Members with CV


“I am sure you are going to make a great thing with your China project – looking forward to all your analyses and photos. I fell in love with Iraq and Iran thanks to your photos of those beautiful people and places.”

Biljana Vankovska,
professor of peace studies at Skopje University, Macedonia


The GAA Foundation’s invitation letter of February 7, 2018
Jan Oberg_Art 2019 Official Invitation Letter

Jan Oberg Curriculum Vitae
2018 A4 size PDF

More about Jan Oberg
My photo homepage, this blog,  Instagram – with both art and documentary and short videos – and Vimeo.

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