SPAR – What is the Silk Belt and Road Initiative?

The Silk Belt & Road Initiative – BRI

Initiated in 2013 by China’s president Xi Jinping, it’s a multi-dimensional mega-vision to connect some 60 countries in terms of infrastructure, trade, communication as well as education and culture.

It’s of course inspired by the ancient Silk Road (130 BCE-1453 CE) about which you may read here. And here is one of many documents about this fascinating project by the Chinese government.

While the – ageing – West hasn’t paid much attention to BRI, there are countless books, articles and videos about it, one small source with a fraction of it all being built at The Transnational of which I’m the co-founder and director. Much more here on Wikipedia.

In contrast to the present world order, the Silk BRI is conceptualized to be horizontal, inclusive and cooperative rather than vertical, confrontational and exploitative. And it has no military dimension.


Here a short article on why President Xi Jinping and the BRI could merit a Nobel Peace Prize.

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