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I started writing a photo-and-other-art blog in May 2009. You’ll find it here. It contained a mixture of articles and videos about my own works, exhibitions and thoughts and also about other artists’ creations.

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However, from August 2018 that blog deals exclusively with the latter, with other artists. And what I write about my own endeavours is now gathered on the photo homepage.

I see myself not as an art critic but an art recommender.

I don’t have a lot of readers but it’s pure positive energy to write about those whom I have come across and cherish – past or contemporary masters as well as younger, less known talents.

Aren’t we all happy when someone pays attention to what we do and perhaps recommend us to others?

Photography is very much about “see what I have seen” – and I regularly see a lot of art. A good text, some images or perhaps a short video can do the same. I enjoy sharing – that’s what social media is about, isn’t it?

Writing and shooting videos about others also helps me to sort out impressions from art fairs and other events and reflect on what I’ve seen, what inspired me and why I was more attracted to some works than others.

An example:

Here a small video from the 2017 Venice Biennale of a “wooww” experience I felt when bumping into MacArthur Binion’s fascinating works for the first time. (I like to explore video as an effective way to convey art experiences):

Here is the short post about Binion.

You may read much more on Oberg PhotoGraphics Photo & Other Art Blog here.

And there are yet other things – and overlaps – at my Instagram where I post things almost every day.

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