SPAR – Chinese partners

The SPAR network related to China and in China:

Mr Lai YiHshing and Ms Ji Yunong of LEBOO Ltd., London.

Ms Lucia Pedrana, the European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy.

Ms Julie Brink, the Friendship Association Denmark-China (VDK), Aarhus, Denmark.

Mr Zhang Li, the Chinese Cultural Centre in Copenhagen, Copenhagen.

Ms Laila Liu, Danish Chinese Tourism & Cultural Exchange Association, Copenhagen.

Ms Wang Jing, Tvind, Denmark.

Ms Liu Jian, Beijing and Mr Thore Vestby, Oslo, The ICHI Fund, Beijing/Oslo

Mr. Wang Zhi, Småland, Sweden and Shanghai.

Mr Chen Li Fan, artist and calligrapher, Shanghai.

Mr Ulf Timmerman & Ms Chen Ke, fashion and design, Hangzhou.

Ms Chen Huiquan, Hangzhou.

Ms Dan “Amy” Liu, art student, Hangzhou.

Mr Wang Chang Lin, calligraphy artist, Xian.

Ms Wu “Sarah” Yuxuan, student of linguistics, Chengdu

Ms Jiangnan “Jenny” Wei, student of informatics, IT and marketing.

Ms “Sunny” Lyn, CEO of iShareYoung Robotics, Shenzhen.

Ms Kiki Wang, tourist agent and art student/collector, Hongkong, Shenzhen.

Mr Liu “Wayne” Wen, gallery owner, in Shenzhen.

Mr Zhu Shuibin, CEO of a very old paper mill in Jingxian, Anhui Province.

Updated November 6, 2018

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