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Please find my account, Oberg PhotoGraphics.

I use it as a dynamic site with daily updates.

Contrary to many, I do not only promote myself.

About 50% is about other artists’ work and 50% about my works. And I am an art recommender, not a critic – so lots of positive energy there.


Oberg PhotoGraphics is now on Vimeo and only there (1).

It’s the place for all kinds of art.

New stuff  to come as I transfer videos from my earlier YouTube channel to Vimeo and also a lot about the Venice Biennale and Art Basel 2019.

(1) I boycott everything Google as far as possible because it practises tracking of anything you do and where you go and exercises political censorship. It annoys you with commercial ads right after you have searched for some product. In addition, through Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Alphabet that owns Google, it is/has been related to the U.S. national security council as well as Pentagon. I do not want to be part of any of that. More about that here.

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