Welcome, dear visitor

So happy to see you here! Over the summer, I’ve just finished the Venezia Portfolio and the Venezia Shop.

After that, I created one for my Uniques Portfolio and the Uniques Shop.

Next, I did the Painting Portfolio – and, guess, what? – the Paintings Shop.

At the moment – early October 2020 – I’m working on the China 2018-1 Portfolio and the China 2018 Shop.

And I am waiting for a decision to be made in Shanghai about exhibiting the SPAR InstallationSilk Peace Art Road that was shown in Venice during the 2019 Biennale – later this autumn.

On October 5, PostArt # 86 went out. On October 18, # 87.

Since 2009, Oberg PhotoGraphics is about experimental art photography.

And this is a real home – not just images for sale.

That difference means that I care very much about giving you the background, ideas and explanations – as well as updates, logbook, exhibitions, shop, newsletter, videos and FAQs.

That makes your visit richer. Just click on a menu above and you’ll feel it. We always see more in an image if we know something about its context.

In these Corona times, we must strive to make the virtual visit as rich as possible, although nothing can substitute the visitor’s personal encounter with the artist and her or his artworks.

In October a visitor, himself an author and photographer, wrote: “I went through more of your photos this morning. They are incredibly striking, and give an amazing sense of place, and a feeling of being there in the moment. I’ve never seen anything quite like them. I cannot account for why that is, but something about them translates very freely between them and I.”

That made my day. Hope you’ll feel something too when browsing…


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