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SPAR Photo & Painting Combines
“Silk Peace Art Road” SPAR

– working to get my SPAR installation from the Biennale in Venice 2019 travel around China and back to Europe along the new Silk Road…

Come on!
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Lund, Sweden – September 23, 2023

Lots of people came over 7 hours, many staying for long – fine conversations, a glass of wine and some snacks – right there among 60+ SPAR/China-related artworks and other things in the making. There is also lots to learn and discuss about China. I was particularly happy to see many making their first visit to my gallery/studio.

Since most of my visitors here are spread all over the world and can’t come to see the exhibition ‘live,’ I am proudly presenting the online exhibition here.

Just walk around, explore, enjoy and perhaps get surprised!

Do tell me what you think at jan@obergphotographics.com.


SPAR may go to China and tour around there in 2024

The SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road – Installation was seen by more than 300 000 visitors at the European Cultural Center at Palazzo Mora as part of the Venice Art Biennale. It ended in November 2019. Since then, it has been stored in Venice due to the pandemic.

Silk Peace Art Road – SPAR – photo-based, multi-media Installation created in late 2018 and spring 2019

Because of a very kind initiative by the Chinese ambassador to Sweden, Cui Aimin, I’m now hopeful that it will go to China and tour around there in 2024. See more about this, my most important project in the next 3-4 years. Follow its development at SPAR – Diary And Notebook.

Depending on whether I am in Lund by then, I may participate. In my view, the Cultural Night and the Art Weekend are too close to each other and seemingly uncoordinated; one month doesn’t permit a lot of new works.

What is sure is that I shall not be presented in the Art Weekend catalogue; project leader Fredrik Weerasinghe’s bizarre and pedantic rules for inclusion in it and his deleting my text last year (because it was in English – in the most cosmopolitan town in Sweden) and making my page blank without my consent, is a few steps too far.

The latest exhibition in my studio

The photo on top is an excerpt from one of the works displayed in my latest – 27th – exhibition in 2022. Experience its 56 works online almost as if you walked around my studio: “No Style Is A Style. PhotoGraphics Unfinished.” It gives me great joy that thanks to modern technology, you can now experience my works no matter where on earth you are.

Read here about how I created these experimental and very mixed works – and the problems I encountered. And visit my earlier online exhibitions here.

The years 2022-2023

The “logbook” is updated until today.

Much invisible work

These are troubled and dangerous times for our world. Although there are long periods where my work as a peace and future researcher consumes my days and weeks completely – see some results at The Transnational and at Jan Oberg – I try to find time to create new prints, collages, mixed media works and now also some pure acrylic paintings and multi-media works.

Thanks to the incredible development of both printers and Photoshop over the last 5-10 years, I feel that I must also upgrade some of my earlier works. I am far from a techno-perfectionist, but if technology permits me to add quality, I go for it because my visitors, viewers and buyers deserve the best I can create.

As something new here, some of the pieces I am working on at the moment are shown below in the “Snapshots and Works In Progress.”

The “PostArt” Newsletter

The “PostArt” Newsletter from Oberg PhotoGraphics remains infrequent, a few times a year and only when I have something to tell. When the SPAR China Tour takes off, it will be more frequent. Sign up right here.

The “Other Art Blog”

This is where I write about other artists’ work, not mine. I’ve just published two articles with lots of photos from the Basel art events – “Impressions from Basel art events 2023” and “Three at Photo Basel 2023 – and a little more.”

Find there also a two-part article from the Venice Biennale 2022Part 1 and Part 2 – and all the unbelievably inspiring events around town as well as one about The Museum of Nicéphore Niépce, the creator of the first photograph.

Afterwards, you may like to browse my art photos from Venice.

What I write about my own works is still here. And I continue to post interesting stuff on “GlobalArt” on Flipboard.

“Worldmoires” about my life in peace and art

From time to time, I write new stuff in my online book “Goodbye Peace – Worldmoires Into A Peaceful Future”. It’s not me-moires but world-moires about how I have engaged in international affairs and also how my life and peace research work is related to my lifelong passion for contemporary art and my art photographics works today. If you’re interested, you may follow and comment on it while in the making as well as get an e-maiI when I publish a new chapter.

What’s next?

• Posting new and improved older works in the portfolios and shops above. Over time, I find out which of my works I believe have lasting value and should be posted – and which don’t.

• Continuing work on some of the snapshots and pieces in the slider below.

• Going to China to make contacts and plan the SPAR China Tour and, later in 2024, go there with it, set it up, dialogue with visitors, and hopefully create some art together with Chinese artists.

• Explore Polaroid, Hipstamatic and other ‘different’ and smaller formats.

You’ll be kept updated in the future “PostArt” Newsletter…Again, I recommend that you subscribe.

Snapshots & works in progress

Here are some images I have shot on my way or are still in progress. They may – or may not – eventually end up in the Portfolios or Shops above, or perhaps as parts of a collage. It depends on what I make of them. Click on the side arrows, and I can say what my dear photographer mentor, Viggo Rivad, said: “See what I have seen!”

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My real art home

Me, Jan Oberg

Established in May 2009, Oberg PhotoGraphics is about experimental art photography based on my photographics concept. Here are some reflections on those years.

It’s a real art home, not just a shop (yes, it’s fine if you buy one of my works!). I care about giving you background stories, ideas and some explanations.

We always see more in an image if we know something about its context and the artist who created it.

The Corona pandemic forced us to live and see art more online, but I have always worked with an international and not only a local audience in mind. I hope to give you an online experience as close to a personal encounter as possible.


An author and photographer:

I went through more of your photos this morning. They are incredibly striking, and give an amazing sense of place, and a feeling of being there in the moment. I’ve never seen anything quite like them. I cannot account for why that is, but something about them translates very freely between them and I.”

European theologist, expert in the Middle East and inter-cultural dialogue:

Dear Jan, 
discovering you as an artist 
not a surprise 
since great humans 
like for instance

einstein, planck, 
heisenberg, dürr, 
c.f. von weizsäcker, 
were also musicians, 
erwin schrödinger 
wrote poetry. 

A leading intellectual in the Balkans:

Fyodor Dostoevsky in The Idiot: “Beauty will save the world.” And Jan Oberg will help…

Art connoisseur living in Venice:

“With the ongoing growth of your activities, I find an enormous esteem and liking for all I see and read on your website. It is an honour to know you. Exploring your site did me a world of good.”

US peace & culture working in Paris:

American professor emeritus:

Many thanks. I am humbled, happy and honoured.


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A short video of my works from China 1983 and 2018 and from other countries…all parts of my Silk Peace Art Road (SPAR) Installation that I hope to show in China in 2023 when it has opened up again.

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