SPAR – Donations and funding

Budget items

Boring to talk about but necessary!

The main budget items are:

a) Travel costs from Sweden to, from and in China for at least 8 weeks: daily expenses, art materials, places to stay and on-the-run costs.

b) Travels to one or more countries along the Silk Road to do more photography (before or after China).

c) Transport from China/Silk Road and from Sweden of what shall be exhibited in Venice (for example more or less heavy objects, transport, insurance, customs, storing).

d) My travels and stays for periods in Venice to arrange the exhibition and stay on and off during the six months duration.

e) Fee for exhibiting in Venice which, according to the GAA Foundation’s invitation letter is “for a presentation in a shared space we have to request the minimum exhibition support amount of € 15.000 which could be for example a large wall approx. 4-5 meter long in a room in combination with other presentations”. So, at least that and likely more in the vicinity of € 20.000

A more detailed budget will have to be constructed but at this point a rough estimate of the total project costs would be in the vicinity of € 40.000 or US$ 47.000 or Swedish krona 400.000.

Types of funding
– Sponsoring in a broad sense (see examples in the 400-page catalogue below) and exposure for sponsors in other ways in Venice, on my blog, social media etc.
– Crowd-funding like Kickstarter.
– Donations to TFF earmarked for this particular project.
– Sales of my own works in support of this project.
– Perhaps lecturing in China and elsewhere about peace, global politics and art, honorariums going to cover project costs.

You can help too
Do you know foundations, institutions or individuals who would be willing to contribute and, in return, would get a lot of publicity in publications, posters, programs etc. related to the Biennale and Palazzo Mora?

Do you have contacts that you think would be relevant in the art world, in China, along the Silk Road? Someone who’d like to promote the cultural potentials of the Silke Road and the new more peaceful world?

Then please write me at or phone me at +46 -(0)738 525200.



Any sum is welcome and your name will be mentioned below. Please go to PayPal Pool. It’s so easy!

And if you have neither ideas and connections nor funds that’s fine but then please tell others about this artpeace project and wish me good luck!




Would love to read your views, ideas or suggestions here

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