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I am a strong believer in freedom of creation and expression, in win-win cooperation and networking synergy. Over the decades, I have remained independent of governments and corporations as well as art galleries both as a scholar and as an art photographer.

SPAR is financed by myself and those who donate to it. No government or corporate funds have been involved in its research, development, creation, or first exhibition. However, governments or state institutions, as well as corporations, can contribute but only to covering specific and limited costs connected with its travels and exhibition costs – say, paying for shipping or insurance, exhibition space, advertising, and that sort of costs. I maintain in control over the SPAR project and its development.

Since SPAR is travelling and new works will hopefully be added during the project years, it cannot be sold before the project has come to an end, if at all.

Types of costs

SPAR incurs many types of expenses, not the least since it is planned to travel from Sweden to Venice and back again, then to China and around China and, finally, back to Europe through a series of capital cities along the Belt & Road Initiative.

• Materials
Material costs of producing the installation – board, paints, brushes, video production, artefacts, a robot and much else.

• Travelling and shipping
Several personal trips (flights, stay and daily costs) and the installation’s shipping across the world, insurance, customs, storage, etc. between Sweden and Venice and between Sweden and China + internal travels around China.

• Local exhibition costs
Fees for exhibition spaces, framing of prints, labels and gadgets to set up the installation, repairs, receptions and representation.

• Public relations
Homepage, mail services, printed matters – in Sweden and locally.

Types of funding

• Donations made by art lovers and other good-hearted people
• Sponsoring in a broad sense and exposure for sponsors in other ways at various exhibition places, on my blog, social media, etc.
• Crowd-funding.
• Donations to TFF earmarked for this particular project.
• Sales of SPAR prints in support of this project.
• Lecturing in China and elsewhere about peace, global politics and art with the honorariums contributing to cover some project costs.
• Personal funds.

I’d be very grateful for your help

• Do you know … foundations, institutions or individuals who would be willing to contribute and, in return, would get a lot of publicity in publications, posters, programs etc.?

• Do you have … contacts that you think would be relevant in the art world, in China, along the Silk Road? Someone who’d like to promote the cultural potentials of the Silk Road and the new, more peaceful, future world?

Then please write me at or phone me at +46 -(0)738 525200.

• Donations

Any sum is most welcome, and your name will be mentioned in the SPAR materials, in print and online, worldwide. It is fast, easy and safe:

Contribute now – thanks a lot! 🧡

And if you have neither ideas, connections nor funds, that’s fine, but then please tell others about this art peace project and wish me good luck!

Updated in August 2023

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