PostArt # 87 – New on Oberg PhotoGraphics…

Lund, Sweden – October 18, 2020

Dear art friend

Happy, creative Sunday! Today, I send you only one new (2020) photographic artwork and some links to abstract photography.

The work above is “Crystal Opalescent” and there is more about it here where you can also enlarge it and see its beautiful details.

You’ll see more works in the “Abstract Real” portfolio where I also explain my approach to abstract photography. And, yes, it is photography in the sense that its point of departure was a photograph. Then I went about changing a few things…

And here is the “Abstract Real” Shop with ten other works – many of which exist in different versions. Just write me if you are interested. They are very affordable because I do everything myself and you deal directly with me.

New works, portfolios and shops will soon enter Oberg PhotoGraphics.

And I am improving my visitors’ online experience.

Updates – should you have missed them last

• Oberg PhotoGraphics is working to adapt to the times with online exhibitions and tours, videos and more.
• The exhibition of my SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road Installation in my studio is now taken down. But the video tour of it will always be on my Vimeo Channel. Watch it here.
• A new exhibition with mixed images and media will eventually be opened – online and for visitors by appointment.
• The homepage has changed. There is simplified navigation and a new frequently changing front page.
• It has a new section on my documentary photography.
• PostArt # 85 focused on the Venezia Portfolio with my background and perspectives. Now 32 works can be browsed and purchased in the Venezia Shop.
• Finally an important improvement: You can now enlarge all images and check details.


I welcome visitors to my studio here in Lund – max 5 at a time.
Please contact me anytime
on or phone me at +46 (0)738 525200.

If you missed PostArt # 86 just click here.

Finally, what is this beautiful piece of art? It’s a QR code.

If you have a QR reader on your mobile phone, fly straight to my homepage.

My best

Jan Oberg

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