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Lund, Sweden – October 5, 2020

Dear art photo lover,

I sincerely hope this finds you well. The art world is changing by the day to adapt to the new global situation. I try too.

My view is that the Coronavirus and the crisis of the global West will be multi-year. So I’ve been silent for some time to develop a longterm outreach strategy.

Ah, you noticed it! I did not say marketing strategy. I’m tired of smart and sleek ‘marketing’ gobbledygook that offers nothing of value to small, non-commercial activities such as mine. Instead they ‘market’ their own businesses by false promises like making your site Number 1 on all search engines or help you earn millions. 

Perhaps risking to sound old-fashioned, I hope to catch your attention because of my works and not because of the way they are ‘marketed.’

While I’d like to sell, it’s not my main purpose. I do art because it gives me joy and because I want to communicate with a globally engaged audience – as I do in different ways as a peace and future researcher. That said, you are certainly welcome to visit the Shops here  ๐Ÿ™‚ !

For an artist like me with a studio but no connections to a gallery, that new strategy implies:

a) a consistent emphasis on virtual presentations of single works and my exhibits, in particular through video,
b) offering more insights into work processes and why I do things the way I do – homepage already prepared,
c) a dynamic homepage that offers new stuff whenever you visit,
d) more frequent and shorter PostArt newsletters,
e) intensifying the use of LinkedIn, WeChat and Instagram and using video more and, finally
f) following this Golden Rule: there are limits to quantity but never to quality.

So here some updates

โ€ข The exhibition of my SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road Installation in my studio is now taken down. But the video tour of it will always be on my Vimeo Channel. Watch it here.
โ€ข A new exhibition with mixed images and media will eventually be opened – online and for visitors by appointment.
โ€ข The homepage has changed. There is simplified navigation and a new frequently changing front page. The new work “VeneziaAss” above decorates it at the moment but will soon change.
โ€ข It has a new section on my documentary photography.
โ€ข PostArt # 85 focused on the Venezia Portfolio with my background and perspectives. Now 32 works can be browsed and purchased in the Venezia Shop.
โ€ข Finally an important improvement: You can now enlarge all images and check details.

I welcome visitors to my studio here in Lund – max 5 at a time.
Please contact me
on or phone me at +46 (0)738 525200.

If you missed PostArt # 85 just click here.

Finally, what is this beautiful piece of art? It’s a QR code.

If you have a QR reader on your mobile phone, fly straight to my homepage.

My best

Jan Oberg

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