PostArt # 73 – New portfolio, Instagram and more from Venice

Venice, Italy – May 26, 2019

Dear friend of art photography and other art…

Another happy Sunday greeting to you from Venice! The mirror reflection above is from Palazzo Correr at the Marco Square.

New fine art print portfolio
There is now a new portfolio on the homepage: the collages and single images that sit in the SPAR (Silk Peace Art Road) installation here in Venice. There are not placed in the shop yet but you will soon be able to purchase them as signed, limited editions on fine art papers (Canson).

The portfolio also contains 20 close-ups of the painted surface of the installation, the interaction of the acrylic paint and the photographic works printed on canvas; they are reproduced with enhanced sharpness to give you a sense of the texture and every detail.

Come to Venice before November 24
These months, Venice is the art place: 229 exhibitions all over the city – national pavilions and mixtures at the official 58th Venice Art Biennale, smaller galleries, huge palaces, flats and centres all filled with high-quality art from all corners of the world, visited by people from all over the world.

One such place is the European Cultural Centre’s exhibition “Personal Structures” at Palazzo Mora where my SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road – installation is shown, together with works by 169 other artists.

Over 300 000 will visit Palazzo Mora between now and November 24. Perhaps you? If so, SPAR is found in Room # 216 on the 2nd floor. Yoko Ono had her installation in that room two years ago.

Perhaps you think Instagram is a platform populated only by people who post photos of their pets and selfies? It isn’t.

Since it is a photo- and video-based medium without links and long texts, it is the place for anyone in the art world and anyone interested in the art world. (And it has about 1 billion active users per month!).

I shoot photos and videos of works I like – I am an art recommender, not an art critic as there is enough critics/ism in this world. I take you around Venice, the Biennale and everything else, with daily updates, on Instagram here.

And – if you thought it wasn’t for you because you don’t use Instagram yourself, the good news to you is that you can see it all on your phone or desktop even if you are not on Instagram yourself  (but you can’t follow and like or write comments if you are not).

Here an example – video report about Japanese photographer, Mari Takayama, whose photos of her own physical handicaps are both deeply moving and courageous – unforgettable. (Sorry for my too low voice but one cannot speak loudly in such a room).

Oberg PhotoGraphics is now on Vimeo and not on YouTube*. New stuff there and more to come as I process my impressions from this Venice Biennale.

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My best
Jan Oberg

* Since I now avoid Google as much as possible because of its corporate non-ethics and closeness to US militarism, I have discontinued my presence on Google-owned YouTube.

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