PostArt # 74 – Soothing summer speculations

Lund, Sweden – August 11, 2019

Dear friend of art photography and other art

Almost three months since I wrote to you! Yes, people have asked what happened. Well, the world and life is so interesting and I’m just working on (too?) many and different things – not the least around the SPAR installation that is still on show in Venice.

Soothing summer speculations
Perhaps just some rambling thoughts on what I do and what it is like to work independently… soothing summer speculations in July.

Art recommendations
I like writing and I am not an art critic, I see myself as art recommender. It gives me joy to promote what others do, not just telling you about myself as so many do these selfie-like times. Here is one about Facebook’s art censorship. It’s not the right way forward.

And here is a glimpse from Venice – a text and a video I have produced about the black American artist, Purvis Young – a fine wow-and-awe experience for me. Perhaps for you too?

And here is a reflection about world-renown Danish artist Asger Jorn, the Jorn Museum – and me.

The Venice Biennale
These months, Venice is the art place: 229 exhibitions all over the city – national pavilions and mixtures at the official 58th Venice Art Biennale, smaller galleries, huge palaces, flats and centres all filled with high-quality art from all corners of the world, visited by people from all over the world.

One such place is the European Cultural Centre’s exhibition “Personal Structures” at Palazzo Mora where my SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road – installation is shown, together with works by 169 other artists.

Over 300 000 will visit Palazzo Mora up to November 24. Perhaps you? If so, SPAR is found in Room # 216 on the 2nd floor. Yoko Ono had her installation in that room two years ago.

There is now a new portfolio on the homepage: the collages and single images that sit in the SPAR installation.

The portfolio also contains 20 close-ups of the painted surface of the installation, the interaction of the acrylic paint and the photographic works printed on canvas; they are reproduced with enhanced sharpness to give you a sense of the texture and every detail.

Zhou Enlai And Selfie Lady ยฉ Jan Oberg 2019

Make SPAR travel
Working to realize the idea to get SPAR travelling from Venice all the way – along the Belt and Road Initiative countries – over to China and around there. To have it exhibited at museums, galleries, art spaces, embassies, art institutions, or wherever and serve as a backdrop for civilisational dialogues, the future of our world, war and peace… It’s a huge task. I need help. Do you have ideas, contacts?

Anybody with the slightest interest in art – producers, exhibitors, or lovers – are on Instagram. So am I. 1 billion active users per month.

I make daily updates – images or videos. This summer I have made a few experiments and also posted some very simple things like colourful vegetables. It’s a good place to link up: you and me. You can see it all on your phone or desktop even if you are not on Instagram.

“Global Art
The photo-and-other-art magazine on Flipboard – marvellous to “flip” through on your smartphone. I’ve curated it for you…one place at your fingertips. Follow!

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My best
Jan Oberg

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