PostArt # 72 Reporting from Venice Art Biennale

PostArt # 72

Venice, Italy – May 19, 2019

Dear friend of art photography and other art

Happy Sunday from Venice to you!

These months, Venice is the art place: 229 exhibitions all over the city – national pavilions and mixtures at the official 58th Venice Art Biennale, smaller galleries, huge palaces, flats and centres all filled with high-quality art from all corners of the world, visited by people from all over the world…It’s the

One such place is the European Cultural Centre’s exhibition “Personal Structures” at Palazzo Mora where my SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road – installation is shown, together with works by 169 other artists.

Ongoing dialogues about the world
I spend the days talking with visitors, explaining to them what SPAR is about, discussing the global situation and what we would like the world to be like in the future. It’s a kind of ongoing seminar with changing audiences.

And you know what? There are so many beautiful – thinking and feeling – people in this world!

This is exactly as I hoped SPAR would function – art as an inroad to reflections and global dialogue.
Sharing is caring – for the world and for the arts
After some 4-6 hours doing that I try to see as much as possible of all the other exhibitions. And share my experience with whoever cares.

I shoot photos and 1 min videos of works I like – I am an art recommender, not an art critic as there are enough critics in this world. You can see it all, daily, on Instagram here.also if you are not on Instagram yourself. So I take you around Venice, the Biennale and everything else. Enjoy!

Social media is about being social and not just promoting yourself, right?

Purvis Young
I’ve just created an 11 min video about the black US artist Purvis Young that you can see on my blog about other artist’s works. And it is on the Vimeo Channel* too with other Venice/SPAR videos. His story and his works are truly amazing!

Come to Venice before November 24
Over 300 000 will visit Mora between now and November 24. Perhaps you? If so, SPAR is found in Room # 216 on the 2nd floor – where Yoko Ono had her installation two years ago. And I am in Venice until May 28.

My best
Jan Oberg* Since I now avoid Google as much as possible because of its corporate non-ethics and closeness to US militarism, I have discontinued my presence on Google-owned YouTube.

Would love to read your views, ideas or suggestions here

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