At the Venice Art Biennale 2019 – Purvis Young

Venice, Italy – May 17, 2019

It’s high time to resume writing here – the place where I write only about other artists – exhibitions, artists, fairs, art articles, reflections on what I see.

I spend the month of May here in Venice. I came on May 1 to set up my SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road – installation at the beautiful Palazzo Mora of the European Cultural Centre – having been invited to participate in the “Personal Structures” exhibition.

This exhibtion as well as the Venice Art Biennale opened on May 11 and while I was working on setting up SPAR, I also walked around the Mora Palace to see the works of other artists (more to come…) and came upon a room of extraordinary beauty that dragged me in and gave me the immediate “this-is-something-special” feeling.

It was the room next to the reception where the Skot Foreman Gallery had filled the walls, collage-style, with the works of Purvis Young.

Skot and I got to talk and he told the story about Young and their friendship. Here is what came out of that happy encounter…

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