“PostArt” # 83 – “Silk Peace Art Road” – video visit

Lund, Sweden – April 11, 2020

Dear friend of art photography and other art

I hope you are safe and healthy – and take comfort in the vision of a new and more compassionate world after the wake-up call that the Coronavirus is.

In these times, most artists, museums and galleries live only online. This week, it’s normally the “Easter Art Round” here in Southern Sweden, but not so this year. So, I’ve created a 6 min video so you can take a look around – and let’s praise those who developed these modern technologies that enable the world to keep in touch these days.

Or click to see the video here

The exhibition consists of the images that sit in my SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road Installation. At the moment, it is stored in Venice since the Biennale and is waiting to go to China and be shown in Shanghai this summer. Afterwards around China, perhaps starting out in Xian which is the old capital and starting point of the old Silk Road.

The SPAR tour is about getting the installation shown at galleries, museums, art spaces or academies along the New Silk Roads or the Belt And Road Initiative (BRI) countries – such as Belgrade, Athens, Istanbul, Damascus, St. Petersburg/Moscow, Tblisi, Yerevan, Baku, Tehran, Ashgabat, Tashkent, Astana, Dushanbe, Bishtek, Islamabad – or in the opposite direction.

If you know art people in any of these places, please help me with contacts!

SPAR at Lund

“China 1983-2018 #1”

The exhibition at Oberg PhotoGraphics’ studio in Lund consists of the single photos and collages that sit in the installation in Venice plus some other works from China in 1983 and some studies.

Take a look at the new portfolio.

While only virtual visits are possible, you may contact me anytime on janoberg@mac.com or phone me at +46 (0)738 525200.

“Pink History”

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