“PostArt” # 82 – Showing, waiting, creating

Lund, Sweden – March 22, 2020

Dear friend of art photography and other art

Happy Spring – Happy Nowruz ! I sincerely hope this finds you healthy and hopeful.

Writing only when I have something to tell, I last sent you my portfolio from China 1983. And I’m now working on the first of my “China After 2018” portfolio. Have a look.


We are all unhappy and fearful about the Coronavirus and how well our societies will cope with it. The perspective I have is twofold and constructive:

1) This must show us that we need to change from military national security to societal and global human security. The world has wasted its resources on preparing for invasions that never happened and for (catastrophic) wars while most countries are woefully unprepared for something like the corona and for learning to live in harmony with Nature.

2) While movements are restricted, we must try to go about our daily lives and work seeking new joys and make maximum use of the Internet, come together in new ways across the globe, stress down, perhaps do things we do not find the time for before. A crisis always brings some opportunity too. While physically “distanced”, we can come closer in other ways.

Corona – also a time for joyful exploration of the world and the arts

You have often said “I can always look at that later,” right? What about doing it now? I’m happy to invite you to my updated comprehensive art photography homepage, or online gallery.

The menus and portfolios are my gallery’s rooms. There is a blog there about my own work but also my photo and other art blog with works by others that I cherish. Remember, I am no art critic, only an art recommender. Just click the “Inspirational sites” or “Art Magazines” there and you’ll be amazed…

And you have my curated “Global Art” Magazine! I share because it means to care – about the arts and my followers.

Showing, waiting and creating

As I said, I am showing you my online gallery. You may even find something you like in the shop. 
I am waiting – to see whether my SPAR installation – Silk Peace Art Road – will be shown as planned in Shanghai June-August.
And I am creating some new works for it – photo&paint combines – see the one above.

My best and stay safe and creative!

Jan Oberg

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