PostArt # 79 – Welcome to virtual and real exhibition

Lund, Sweden – December 8, 2019

PostArt # 79

Chengdu 1983

Dear friend of photography and other art!

Above, an image of a hard-working boy in Chengdu, China, in 1983. I’m proud of that shot even today.

It’s a piece of Chinese and world history and it is one of many that you can see in Oberg PhotoGraphics’ studio in Lund these weeks and well into 2020.

SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road: A bit of China and of Venice in Lund, Sweden

The present exhibition consists of the single photos and collages that sit in the Silk Peace Art Road installation which has been shown at the Biennale in Venice from May to end of November. Plus some other works from China in 1983 and some studies – digitalised from the “impossible” Kodachrome slide film back then.

Take a look at the new portfolio.

Exhibition videos

Since most of my friends, colleagues and clients live far from Sweden, I am happy to produce small videos that help you feel like you were here. And seeing it, you won’t be a burden on our environment.

Take a minute, take a look, see and listen!

Need a different kind of gift?

And Christmas is approaching… be inspired by the extraordinary prints in my online shop and do something creative for yourself or a loved one!

Just contact me as in the video or see e-mail and phone below.

And shortly, I have another idea for you, actually just for you.

If you live close by, you are most welcome to visit my studio in Lund, Sweden. It is open any time – but by appointment only on or phone me at +46 (0)738 525200.

Oh, if you missed PostArt # 78 about the SPAR Installation’s coming world tourclick here.

My best

Jan Oberg

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