Silk Peace Art Road – SPAR – works

This portfolio contains the photo works – predominantly collages – that make up the installation “Silk Peace Art Road – SPAR # 1-4”. It was shown for the first time at the exhibition Personal Structures – Identities arranged by the European Cultural Centre (ECC) at Palazzo Mora in Venice, May 11-November 24, 2019 in the context of the Venice Biennale 2019.

The SPAR Installation main wall from the entrance to the room
SPAR Installation 2nd wall

SPAR # 1-4 has its own menu above, so check out what it is all about there.

This photo-based, multimedia installation on four large panels contained images from China 1983 and 2018, from Burma/Myanmar 1983, Iran 2012-2016, from Somalia 1979, Somaliland 2014, Kazakhstan 2010, Iraq 2003, Venice 2015 and Aleppo, Syria 2016.

These works were printed on canvas, collaged/arranged and painted into the panels and sometimes partly painted over. They are listed here and in the shop because it should be possible to see the original prints and purchase them as individual works.

As usual, they are available on Canson fine art photo paper and canvas too. Each photo and caption below is also a link to the photograph in the shop.

China 1983 and 2018

“Man With Hat And Cigar” – Photo Painting – 1983/2019
“China Collage # 9 Abacus, Bikes, Lady, Lions, Police And Moreโ€ โ€“ 1983 & 2019
“China Collage # 10 – Sweet Tamarind Man” – 2019/2019
“Flag Man In Shanghai” – 2018/2019
– originally and in the SPAR installation printed on silk
“China Collage # 11 – Bus, Teacher, Doctor, Red Wedding And More” – 1983 & 2018
“Guizhou Bamboo And Valley” – China 2018/201
“Boat Lady In China” – China 2018/2019
“Chou Enlai With Ladies And A Parrot” – China 2018/2019
“China Collage # 12 – “Xian Life” – 2019
“China Collage # 13 – Development 1983-2018” – 2019
“The Promised Land” – Shanghai, China 2018/2019

These were the collages that were selected in the end for the SPAR installation. With some 6000 shots from the 1983 and the 2018 China, it was not easy to select those few.

Other countries on Silk Road – Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) – in the SPAR installation

“SPAR Myanmar 1983 Collage” – 2019
“SPAR Iran Collage # 1” – 2019
“SPAR Iran Collage # 2” – 2019
“SPAR Somalia” – Collage 2019
“SPAR – Astana, Kazakhstan” – Collage 2019
“Hopeful Girl in Jibrin, Aleppo, Syria # 1” – 2016/2018
“Baghdad Pink Corner” – Bagdad 2003/2019
“The Liberation of Aleppo 2016” – Collage 2016/2018
“Trump Ending War in Syria” Collage – 2017/2019
“Hopeful Girl in Jibrin, Aleppo, Syria # 2” – 2016/2018
“Venice Red Masts” – 2011/2018

Available in Oberg PhotoGraphics’ shop

The works in this portfolio plus others – 25 in all – that sit in the SPAR installation can be found and puchased in the shop. There you’ll get all information and be able to enlarge each to see its details.

The next close-up photos are meant to give you an impression of the installation’s paint qualities. They are not for sale.

Close-ups of the installation panels

Finally, some close-up shots of how the printed-on-canvas photos and the abstract painting relate to each other, how the photos are painted – or collaged – into the overall panel and sometimes mix with found objects.

These close-up photos are intentionally a bit over-sharpened to give you an impression of the texture, surfaces and the photography/painting interaction.

– transfer image
– many three-dimensional objects and artifacts, with a thought behind…
– interactive element with revelations
– two of the four “paibians” on top of the panels, in the right angle with the spotlights they look a bit like mirrors. They are original paintings painted over with iridescent white which you can see through…
– photograph printed on silk, in the right side if the installation
– the four panels stand on podiums, leaning back on the wall…

Created March-April 2019

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