The Basel Art Fair and art in Denmark

July 4, 2019

Lots of follow-up to do upon returning from Venice. Then went with my wife, Christina, to the Basel Art Fair – and many of the related art events in that art-full city – such as Photo Basel.

Much to my pleasant surprise, I was invited to yet another Biennale – namely the Florence Biennale. Unfortunately, I had to decline both because I do not think I would have the time to create something extraordinary and because I cannot afford this now because my installation being exhibited at the Venice Biennale has been quite costly for me.

But of course I feel proud.

In addition, I have to concentrate on the Exhibition Partnership Program to get my SPAR installation moving along the BRI – the Belt and Road Initiative – countries after Venice.

At the end of the month, we went to Denmark for some lectures but managed also to see an exciting video installation about migration by Gudrun Steen- Andersen, the Museum Jorn in Silkeborg and the Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg.

The image above is an excerpt from a painting by Jorn from the 1940s.

These were fine experiences that I have written some notes about – see below.

In between, I’ve developed my Instagram account and grow it organically every day. I consider Instagram the best social media to spread the word about images – much better than Facebook, Linkedin, VK etc. And I hope that, as time goes by, it will help me get more visitors to my homepage – which I develop slowly and with great care.

I am also working on updating my Vimeo Channel with all kinds of art and art-related videos. But have discontinued my YouTube Channel for good because I boycott everything Google.

Welcome to take a look!


Asger Jorn, the Museum – and me – on my photo and other art blog

Hvad ville der ske, hvis al ud- og indvandring blev givet fri worldwide?
Om en tidsvigtig, video-baseret kunstinstallation af Gudrun Steen-Andersen

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