PostArt # 69 – Online exhibit for joy and inspiration

PostArt # 69

Lund, Sweden – December 15, 2018 (The photograph above is clickable)

Dear Photo Art Friend

Oberg PhotoGraphics’ new “different” homepage

Hoping this finds you well, let me confess that I had never thought that it would take years to build my new homepage but that’s what I’ve recognised.

I’ve finalised only 7 portfolios with background explanations, photos and their details in the new shop. But then what? This photography thing is to be for the rest of my life, so why hurry? Instad, I’ll care for each little thing and enjoy adding images and text peu en peu – as time goes by…

I’ve chosen a new format where the visitor will get some background. You see, I do not believe that every picture always “says more than a thousand words”.

I believe that images and texts communicate more effectively and give you, the visitor, a more holistic experience.

Furthermore, each photograph has been revised, improved, or otherwise re-created. New have been selected, others dropped.

The whole thing evolves around portfolios, a journal of my work, and a blog – and then, of course, there is a shop where you can order any art photography you want in a size and at price level that suits you – for yourself or as a gift.

The following portfolios are ready for your explorations: Art PhotographicsThe Rouen Cathedral SuiteAbstract RealIranBlack Boys And GirlsPixelationsChina 1983.  

Because – yes, it is that time of the year and you want something that’s original, high quality and “different”. And I can still deliver it.

My best

Jan Oberg

PS If you want to follow how images develop that will later be part of my SPAR – “Silk Peace Art Road” project to be exhibited in Venice in the context of the Venice Biennale, I post them daily at Instagram.

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