PostArt # 68 – China and the Silk Peace Art Road project


“Tea And Laughter” – China 1983 Series ยฉ Jan Oberg

PostArt # 68

Lund, Sweden – December 9, 2018

Dear Art Photo Friend

China & the Silk Peace Art Road – SPAR

I hope this finds you well. It’s about a month ago I wrote to you from Shenzhen in China. In the meantime, I’ve finalized the “China 1983” Series – 80 images scanned from old Kodachrome slide films and therefore with a rather special tone.

I believe they are interesting in and of themselves: this is how people lived in the largest country on earth just 35 years ago.

Later there will be portfolios with my photographs from China 2018-2019 – and you’ll see the difference.

I am proud to be able to document tiny bits and pieces of what is undoubtedly the largest and most hope-inducing socio-economic development in our world since 1945.

This is all part of my Silk Peace Art Road (SPAR) project that the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, TFF, and I cooperate on and create – art for peace and peace for art.

It’s a 4 x long and 2,5 metre high, photo-based, multi-media wall installation which will be part of the large global exhibition “Personal Structures – Open Borders” on May 11, 2019, at the European Cultural Center in Palazzo Mora and Bembo in Venice in the context of the Venice Art Biennale – and on show until November 24.

Some of the images from 1983 and my work on that Venice installation can also be viewed on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, VK, Google+ and Twitter. And of course on the best of them all – the Chinese WeChat. Click the relevant links at the bottom of this mail so…

We can connect if you are on any of these…

My best
Jan Oberg

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