PostArt # 66 – Jan Oberg to exhibit at the Venice Biennale 2019

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Lund, Sweden – September 25, 2018



Photographer in Lund to exhibit in the context of the Venice Biennale 2019

Peace researcher and art photographer Jan Oberg in Lund, Sweden, has been invited by the European Cultural Center and Global Art Affairs Foundation to participate in the exhibition, Personal Structures – Open Borders at Palazzo Mora in the heart of Venice in the context of the Biennale 2019 (May 11- 24 November).

Oberg’s project is called SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road. It focuses on the new China-initiated Silk Road – culture, people, ways of living and hightech.

He will take pictures at different places, gather objects and utilize his archive photos from Shanghai to Venice – China, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Iran, Somalia, Syria, Venice, etc. And he will seek cooperation with local artists as a peace cultural dialogue.

This will result in three-dimensional installation of 4-5 meters which – with multimedia but mostly photography – will focus on the progress of the Orient and the decline of the West – a vision about a possible, better and more peaceful future.

– ”In times of fake, negativity and fear, the Silk Road project (Belt and Road Initiative, BRI), is the most constructive project one can explore. My project is gigantic, actually too big, and the Silk BRI is the world’s largest future project. I want to understand better what it is all about by going there. I’m curious what the world will look like with it in 2050 or so.

– I’m still not really able to understand that I have been invited to this prestigious world art event. OK, I have quite a few academic titles and publications but I am self-taught when it comes to art photography. Connoisseurs would agree that the Venice Biennale is the most important manifestation of contemporary art. And I cannot think of a better environment than the beautiful Palazzo Mora near the Rialto Bridge and being there together with artists from all over the world..

And, finally, my two parallel lives – peace researcher and art photographer – meet. And Oberg PhotoGraphics turn 10 at the same time as the exhibition in Venice opens.”

SPAR is the first direct cooperation between The Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research and Oberg PhotoGraphics.

The project will be documented through the process at Oberg’s Instagram page, here in PostArts, on the homepage and, finally, in a book.

Are you curious to learn more? Everything about SPAR here. You are also welcome to contact me at 0046 738 525200. I am leaving for China on October 1.


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