“shoot” # 64


The Exhibition, the Biennale and Global Art

What is happening in Lund and in the wider world?

Lund, Sweden
November 10, 2017

Welcome to the re-designed, easier-to-browse Shoot” # 64 newsletter from Oberg PhotoGraphics.

“Shoot” wings into your mailbox infrequently and carries a variety of themes.

The present exhibition is “Three In One”: a few earlier photographs in new editions; 25 unique documentary photos from the liberation of Aleppo in Syria last year and, third, unique multimedia photo collages.

All in all 113 works that created a lot of positive reactions on Night Of Culture in September and Art Night in October.

The studio is open at any time; all you need to do is to set up an appointment on +46 (0)738 52 52 00 or write to: janoberg@obergphotographics.biz.

For those far away, there is more on Instagram – let’s follow each other there – and on…

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The Venice Biennale

It ends on November 26 and I’m going there. Can’t miss this world art inspiration opportunity!
And not only the Biennale at Giardini and Arsenale but all the associated events and spaces all over Venice, itself a magnificent art “installation.”
You’ll soon find reports and one-minute video clips on The Blog, on Instagram – another reason to become a follower and in my new “PostArts.”
It’s the right time of the year to go to Venice: fewer tourist and chances to experience the morning fog that has always attracted photographers.



I make increasing use of one-minute videos done on the iPhone with the amazing Splice app. What fabulous opportunities to reach out technology now offers.

In them, you’ll see glimpses from exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale – or of my works, the process, or studio. Isn’t it lovely that someone sends you amazing glimpses from places you haven’t been to?

I’ve begun to share them also on the Chinese WeChat (ID janoberg) and the Russian VK.
Here’s one from my studio. Browse others on my blog or Instagram – and in my new “PostArts”.

Slightly longer videos on Vimeo, including Héloïse Dumont’s documentary about how my peace research and photography work is connected.


What’s next

• The Three-In-One exhibit in my studio will be open the rest of this year.
• The launch of my photo homepage in a new interactive design and with a new, smaller selection of works. There is already something to experience – click here or on the image.
• I hope to get to Syria again which means peace work as well as photography.
• There will be new multi-media photo collages. I’ve got tons of ideas…
• In the future, you’ll receive fewer “shoot” letters like this which are always somewhat longer.
• Instead, you’ll receive more, very short glimpses, single images or mini videos: “PostArts” and they are like postcards.

Credo & thank you

Thank you for having followed this far. I do peace and photography and there are connections that require time to explore.

The world has more than enough violence and images of it. But how easy is it to create new images of peace?

If people can’t imagine more peaceful futures and visions of the common global good, they won’t work for them. But we cannot create a better world by just being fearful, angry or against something.

Peace, as well as art, is about being constructive, outlining a vision and working hard to see it implemented.

I’m convinced that what keeps us human – and will carry us through the present global crises (if anything will) – is the arts, positive creativity and global synergy.

That why I reach out – with both peace and art. I always appreciate your reaction.

The “shoots” and postarts are my gifts to you, starting points for dialogue.

Kind regards

Jan Oberg

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