Déjà Vu, Syria And Multi-Media Photo Collages – The “Three In One” exhibit

This post is updated with new images, latest on October 19, 2017

This “Three-In-One” exhibition opened on the “Night Of Culture” in Lund, September 16 16-22, at Vegagatan 25.

Then I did a few new things and changed some of those presented – that’s one of the joys with collages… – and, so, this is also the collection of works that are on show when it was “Art Night” in Lund, Sweden, on October 21, 2017.


And here the poster:


The show has three categories:

Déjà Vu.

Some earlier works that have been enhanced through re-editing and re-printing.
Here is one example, “Natalia And Gerhard Richter”:

NataliaAndGerhard Richter_PhSh

Hope and Suffering in Aleppo, Syria

Unique, strong images of the suffering people who came out from 4,5 years of occupation but were also expressing joy and hope.
You may get an impression of these documentary photos here.

Multi-media photo collages.

The first is pretty self-explanatory. The second category will be explained by myself, in particular during an event 19:00-19:30 for those present.

The third is something new for me, a colourful, happy experiment contrasting the Syria series.

How did I do the latter?

I’ve taken some of my old and new photos and combined them with all kinds of stuff and media: Japanese fabrics and papers, very old calligraphy books on silk paper, old yellow newspapers, art magazines and Sotheby catalogues, cut some flee market paintings in pieces and combined it all into collages – mounted on papers, copper, steel and cardboard.

Here some of it…


On some I’ve also applied acrylic paint and oil sticks (oil colours that you paint with like crayons and not with brushes).

Does it sound a bit odd? Well, come see for yourself.

Photography is rapidly changing – and what photography can be part of is changing too. Which is not to hide the fact that photo collages as such is nothing new.

But what I experiment with here is something you have not seen in my studio before. And what would be the point of repeating, or imitating, what others – or I myself – have done in the past?


You are very very welcome – with family, friends, or colleagues. Drinks and snacks are served.

And I promise that you will feel what people have told me they appreciate: this is not like a gallery with a commercial atmosphere but feels much more like a private home.

Below I post some of the photo collages that will be on show:

“Afternoon Walk After Having Read Kierkegaard All Day”


“Untitled – Holding You”


“Brice Marden”



Davidoff FeumerPeu_Change_700

“Girl With Pearl Earring – Collage”


“Japan On Copper”


“Mistakes Into Masterpieces”


“She Loves Her Work So Much…”


“Violin Player And Water Lilies”


“Iridescent Woman”


“Origins Bared”


“Selfie Geträumte Wirklichkeit”


“Now: Photography Everything Goes”



  1. Kære Jan du udvikler dine billeder på en spændende måde. Hilsen Kaare p

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