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One day in 2016 a French 22-year old student of international management, finance and sustainability wrote to me and explained that, as part of her studies as an exchange student at our local Lund University, she was obliged to create a blog on a theme quite apart from the core of her studies.

What a brilliant idea it was! She should, as part of her French university requirement, create a blog about a local artist and, thereby, get some insights into a world different from international economics.

I was reminded that about 30 years ago when I was the head of the university’s peace research institute there was something called ‘core curriculum,’ a kind of civic, cultural and philosophical intro to the later academic studies.

Those were the days! – when students did not study to just get an exam and a job in the ‘marketplace’ but received a general, diverse education for life.

Héloïse Dumont

Héloïse Dumont came around my studio and presented her task – and would I please be her ‘object’. I didn’t hesitate. She had a keen interest in art herself and the way she presented her blog idea were pleasantly challenging for me too.

Working over the months with her many questions and angles gave me an opportunity to reflect a bit on what I am doing and why. That’s useful!

We spent many hours and she wrote down interviews, took pictures and did a video – and of course, with her charm and curiosity, became a friend of the house.

As far as I remember, Héloïse had never made a blog before and also not fought with all the technical issues associated with producing a video. But she plunged into it in the manner of Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking: “Since I have never done such a thing before, I’m sure I can do it.”

And so she did.

It goes without saying that I also expected her to produce a quality blog that would, guaranteed, make me world famous. Well, that still remains to happen!

Anyhow, dear Héloïse, thanks for your sincere interest and energy.

And now, here you can see it. Enjoy!

First the blog here.


And here the video – one of the posts inside it:

Jan Oberg’s art photography and peace – By Héloïse Dumont, France from TFF & Oberg PhotoGraphics on Vimeo.


  1. I enjoy very much the short video’s about business shots. I am not yet able to afford the business video, but will sometime in the future.

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