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Two connected individuals who call themselves Arletta and Ellington write a much-appreciated blog “Att Smaka Livet” – “To Taste Life” – about different kinds of enjoyment and joys that life can bring when and if we are attentive.

Signature photo from the blog “Att smaka livet” blog

They visited me around new year and spent three hours in my studio where we touched not only upon art and photography – and how I do what I do and how I get inspiration – they also took a keen interest in my work as a peace and conflict researcher just having returned from a fact-finding mission to Damascus and Aleppo in Syria.

A very joyful meeting resulting in two fine articles alas in Swedish – but you’ll get the gist.

Jan Oberg: Make art not war

Cross-hatching och nöjet av Prins Charles’ hÃ¥r

My gratitude to them for being so interested and catching so well what art photography is all about for me.

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  1. Thanks a lot, Jan for your fine presentation of our blog. We have now published translated versions of our articles about your art and our visit at your gallery. For those interested, you find links to the translations at the end of the Swedish versions.
    Best wishes, Jan
    Arletta and Ellington

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