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Lund, September 4, 2016
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Venice Morning 2012 © Jan Oberg


• Venice: Can it be saved? • Iran • Abstract photography • Victoria & Albert Museum • Landskrona Photo Festival • Instagram • Cultural Night in Lund, Sweden:

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Dear art photography friend

Shall Venice die?

It’s been known for quite some time that Venice in Italy is sinking and being destroyed also by over-tourism: 20 million per year in a city of 56,000 inhabitants whose number has fallen dramatically the last few years.

Many of you may have visited Venezia. Can you imagine it dead? I can’t, but it is a realistic scenario and I’ve written a bit about this tragedy on my art blog inspired by art historian Salvatore Settis’ recent wake-up call in the International New York Times and his new book, If Venice Dies.

I forward modest ideas about what can perhaps be done to stop this slow death, world attention to it being one.

But where is the EU in this? Where is the world beyond the market and profit-making? Venice is about a world heritage, not just Venice or Europe.

The photo above is from that unique city, shot at the best time of the year there, in early January when there are almost no tourists.

Anonymous in Venice © Jan Oberg 2015 – Click

Welcome to shoot # 55
It’s a digital gift and will appear only here and on my homepage, a moment of joy or reflection to you from Oberg PhotoGraphics.

A special welcome to many new subscribers and social media friends. Here is the

preceding shoot. shoot aims to stimulate art curiosity and only secondly to tell what I do. It wings into your mailbox now and then, and sometimes I may also shoot just a single image your way.

shoot also leads you to the online GlobalArt Magazine that I curate. Click and inspiration is guaranteed. It’s sharing of art for cultural bridge-building and enhanced civilisation.

I write as an art recommender, not art critic. What’s the use of telling you what I find boring, bad or bull?

I believe in networking, sharing and creating positive energy. Share with me if you have news and views.

Iran on Instagram
I’ve just returned from Iran, meetings, a lecture, dialogue for understanding and peace. And of course travels where I took photos. Some may later appear on my homepage see my Iran photos already there. Iran a truly amazing civilization of its own and you’ll be touched by the welcoming attitude of its people and its safety.

I believe that going to places and seeing for yourself helps bring about peace. I’ve posted some snapshots from Iran on Instagram – @obergphotographics now a business account. Great diversity and a new photo almost every day, can be spontaneous but always carefully processed. Let’s follow each other! 

Cupola of the Jama Mosque in Esfahan © Jan Oberg 2016 – Click

Exhibition “Abstract Real” on new video
This exhibition is now closed but you can watch a short video of it here. And there is an Iran-inspiration even here:

MyRothko Calligraphy # 1 © Jan Oberg 2016 – Click

Victoria & Albert Museum and the people I met there…
A museum can be visited in many ways

The amazing Landskrona Photo Festival 
Have you heard about the new to-be central town of photography in Scandinavia? It’s Landskrona in Sweden (like Marrakesh in Northern Africa) with just 30.000 inhabitants. Here is its indeed bold vision of this small town and my impressions and recommendations from its very promising 2016 Photo Festival.

Next shoot – “Goings On”
Will for once focus on me: a new exhibit “Goings On” to open at the Cultural Night in Lund, Sweden on September 17. About 40 old, re-worked and new works, very diverse and some being photo paintings.


Until next: Remember
– that it is the arts more than anything that keep us human…

My best
Jan Oberg

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