People I met at Victoria and Albert in London

The Victoria and Albert Museum – V & A – is a fabulous museum in the heart of London. It calls itself “the world’s leading museum of art and design” on its homepage – which can of course be discussed. But that’s not what I want to do here.

It was a late May Sunday afternoon, drizzle. Queues to the exhibitions being too long, prices being too high for me and my time that afternoon too limited, I chose to walk through its collections and just get a sense of the buildings and whatever I might be surprised by.

That’s when I thought it could be exciting to try to bring some life into these old, very dusty and immovable objects – making them more human.

Always having my iPhone 6 with me stuffed with apps, I chose to experiment with long exposures and here is what it resulted in.

IMG_3443_5V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016


V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016

V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016


V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016

In one of the many halls I met Jesus, still hanging on the cross and – who knows? – always thinking about the bright side of life.

V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016


V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016


V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016


V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016


V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016


V & A Series © Jan Oberg 2016

Museum closing, I walked out into what was now rain rather than drizzle. It always rains in London, doesn’t it? And, so, I took refuge at a  nearby café. Waiters passed by not deigning to look at me – and, so playing more with long exposures. In the end I did get cup of coffee.

Waiting For Coffee © Jan Oberg 2016

Back in the street, a white and black Bentley waited for a newly married couple. Stylish car to begin your married, bright side of life in…


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