“FIX Photo” at OXO Tower Wharf in London

“Walk over the Waterloo Bridge, past Somerset House – where Photo London is in May – then turn left and walk a few hundred meters on the Riverside Walkway and you’ll come to Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf:


FIX Photo is produced and curated by Laura Noble of LANG and if you come from Photo London across the Thames, you’ll find it as different from that as this facade is from Somerset House.

The building itself is a piece of art; here a few impressions of the interior.

Cafeteria on top 4th floor


Wall with walking man


Floor with light coming through window

And when you hang art photos in such an milieu something happens that can not possibly happen in the posh and often sterile gallery.

Here a wonderful work by Mischa Haller, “Barbie Bike”, hung on another piece of art and priced at £ 600 – another dimension on which FIX differs from the generally very high-priced works at Photo London.

The finest encounter for me at FIX Photo was with Lottie Davies’s works – story-telling tableaus brilliantly executed. Enigmatic and beautiful at the same time.


“Blue Bedroom” by Lottie Davies – apologies for the reflexes in the glass and the shadow of myself in that bedroom

Do visit Davies’ homepage and see how diverse and experimenting it all is – very different from the four works above – personal, beauty of everyday things, dust, poetry, landscapes, childhood memories, love stories…
I was very attracted also to Russian Lucia Ganieva’s combined images – a lot of poetry, here an example from the Udmurt people in Russia who typically decorate their homes with wall paper of places they can only dream of visiting.

Lucia Ganieva # 18, 2010 £ 1,000


And, happily, lots of people coming and going. See many more artists at FIX Photo. It is definitely on my list for next year…

Bargehouse OXO © Jan Oberg 2016

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