Shoot # 48 – The joy of sharing the joy of art

Palazzo Curtain – 2015 © Jan Oberg

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Lund, April 2, 2016
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Dear friend

Welcome to shoot # 48

The above photo, “Palazzo Curtain” is a digital gift from Oberg Photographics to you – a moment of contemplation or beauty with which I wish you a good weekend.

A special welcome to new subscribers, visitors and friends on social media. Here is the preceding shoot that you didn’t get.

The beauty of sharing
I create shoot because I want to share some of the joys that art gives me. Social media is about being social, not self-promoting. I believe that art and entrepreneurship that aims at helping people live better lives is where creativity is found today. Not in politics.

What is shoot about?
You get access to the online GlobalArt magazine. I need to gather inspiring stuff somewhere; by sharing it anyone who clicks will find something that inspires their lives or business too.

One artist among many I feature there is Iranian-born Bijan Daneshmand and his incredibly beautiful paintings and his gallery Janet Rady Fine Art in London whose focus is the Middle East.

It’s sharing and art for cultural bridgebuilding and civilisation – the opposite of war and bombing.

I write a photo and other art blog partly to clarify things for myself and explain things to people who ask and many tell me it’s educational – which makes me, also a teacher, happy.

“Abstract Vision # 5” © Jan Oberg 2016

And what is a homepage? It’s an online exhibition space. Some spend as much time there as they would in a gallery – many and different categories, photos you can enlarge. Important for anyone living far from Sweden and possible thanks to modern technology.

Visitors tell me that my studio is more like a home than a cool, commercial gallery where it is all about selling. You can watch photos, read books and discuss art and global affairs with me. By appointment only – but anytime; and I am present to care for each visitor.

Exhibition “Abstract Real” on into April
Photography that is non-figurative, doesn’t re-present something out there. Some words about it on my blogHave a sneak peek here of some of the works that are on show.

Will wing into your mailbox 2 times a month from now on.
A good ‘weekbegin’ to you!
And remember that it’s the arts that help us remain human…

My best
Jan Oberg

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