Shoot # 47

Oh My God (Munch and The Scream) © Jan Oberg 2012


Lund, March 19, 2016
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Dear friend

Welcome to shoot # 47

The above photo a digital gift from Oberg Photographics – a moment of meditation or smile with which I wish you a good weekend.
I thought it was time to solve one of art history’s enigmas: Why that scream, Mr. Munch?

A special welcome to new subscribers and friends on social media. Here is the preceding shoot that you didn’t get.

All those images of war and violence…
Have you ever thought of why violence and negative stories dominate our media – and, thus, our image of the world?
I’ve always had problems with the very prestigious photojournalist contest World Press Photo and I have written a small piece about it on my blog.

It must be possible to take pictures of other aspects of our world. It simply isn’t true that all news are bad news. If so, people will lose hope. I’d be happy to hear what you think!

Exhibition “Abstract Real”
Opens this coming Friday the 25th at 10:00! Welcome! Till April 3, open like the Swedish Konstrundan – Easter Art Round – with hundreds of exhibitions all over southern Sweden. Mine promises to be one of the more weird: Photography that is non-figurative.
To find out what I am doing – – I’ve written about it on my art and other photo blog.

See the Facebook event where you may tell that you are interested and where you can invite your friends to my studio. But you don’t have to, of course. Have a sneak peek here of some of the works that may – or may not 🙂 – be on show.

“Global Art”
Just to remind you of the online magazine I curate, flipping glimpses from the contemporary art world…

Will wing into your mailbox 2 times a month from now on.
A good ‘weekbegin’ to you!
And remember that it’s the arts that help us remain human…

My best
Jan Oberg

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