Shoot # 42


Lund, January 30, 2016
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Dear friend

Welcome to shoot # 42

– a digital photo gift from Oberg Photographics – a moment of meditation with which I wish you a good weekend. Welcome especially to many new connections, likers and friends in the social media world.

I do art photography – in addition to peace research and education – because art keeps us human! Art is an existential, peaceful necessity in our otherwise violence-prone world. And photography is…

The most dynamic art form today
Listen to this from one of the world’s leading photography centers:
“Photography is demonstrably the most contemporary of art forms. It is the most vital, effective and universal means of communication of facts and ideas between peoples and nations.”
– Cornell Capa, founder of ICP, International Center of Photography

True! And no other art form is moving faster these years. Here some reasons: digitalisation; shooting is much cheaper than film; the so-called RAW format that helps us make even better images in PhotoShop. Cameras are smaller, lighter and superb, including mobiles and compacts that can be paired with iPhones. Totally amazing!

Unlike the old heavy camera, the phone is always with us; we can record lives and events and build a collective visual memory of history. In principle of all humankind! And it’s fast and easy to share photos and thir stories to general social media such as Facebook and Pinterest or specialised places such as Instagram.

Allegedly 1,8 billion images are uploaded daily to the Internet!! Well not everything is photography, of course…

These and other factors change completely how we define photography today and tomorrow. And the final result does not even have to look like a photo!

It’s so fascinating. I wish I could work with all this 24 hours a day!

“GlobalArt” Magazine
I try to convey this enthusiasm to my readers in this online magazine. Articles, photos and videos about the contemporary photo and other art world added daily. At your fingertips. At one place. Easy! GlobalArt: inspiration guaranteed. Click ‘Follow’ when you get there.

I curate it because it gives me joy to share with whoever is interested what I myself learn from and enjoy. Reading, seeing and keeping updated with the art world gives tremendous inspiration to one’s own work. And perhaps you have a great artist inside you that you should let out?

By the way, on this photo and art blog you’ll find a page with some of the best photo sites, magazines etc. available – far from complete, but a beginning.

Recent editions
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Welcome to my studio
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A good ‘weekbegin’ to you!

My best
Jan Oberg

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