Shoot # 41


Lund, January 23, 2016

Hi dear friend

Welcome to shoot # 41
– a digital photo gift from Oberg Photographics – a moment of meditation with which I wish you a good weekend. Welcome especially to many new connections, likers and friends in the social media world.

Do you have US$ 30.000 or only 450?
Above a photograph entitled “Landscape Through Rain Drops”. Here is another one with the same idea:


– and a third…

Lanscape Drops2_PhSh

Now, one of them is priced at US$ 25.000-30.000, two are US$ 450 each. My blog post tells you which is which and you’ll be surprised.

The point is that it is increasingly difficult to take serious the art world as a luxury industry for a few multi-billionaires. Only a fool believes that there is a direct relationship between price and quality – which is not to say that all expensive art is crap, of course.

The art lover – in contrast to the art investor – knows that there are great value for the money at places few may yet have heard of.

Art and other culture should be accessible and affordable to anyone with an interest. I’d say it’s a human right! And I’m glad to see brilliant artists like Gerhard Richter calling today’s art market prices insane.

Read more here – also some very important words from the former director of Art Basel.

“GlobalArt Magazine”
I’m happy to also offer you this free online magazine that I curate. New texts, photos and videos about the contemporary art world added daily. At your fingertips. At one place. Easy! In short – GlobalArt – inspiration guaranteed. Click ‘Follow’ when you get there.

Recent editions
Here are some of the 2015 works.

Welcome to my studio
always open for you. We just need to make an appointment first (see below).

Remember that art keeps us human! Art is an existential, peaceful dimension of our otherwise violence-prone world.

A good ‘weekbegin’ to you!

My best
Jan Oberg

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