Shoot # 40

“Surface # 8” – 2013 © Jan Oberg 2013

Lund, January 16, 2016
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Hi  dear!

Welcome to shoot # 40
– a digital photo gift from Oberg Photographics – a moment of meditation with which I wish you a good weekend.

Above “Surface # 8” from 2013. We walk on them while usually looking up. But can pavements be beautiful and have qualities as compositions? Can they tell us about the history of a place and the people who constructed them? I think they can.

I’ve always thought that surfaces were interesting in and of themselves but also for what’s beneath them. See a variety at my Surfaces And Textures collection.

GlobalArt Magazine
I’m happy to also offer you this free online magazine that I curate. New texts, photos and videos added daily. This week you’ll find a few links about the late artist and art lover David Bowie. The photos of Bowie taken by Jimmy King just two days before Bowie died are incredible. And so is “Lazarus” as Bowie’s goodbye to this world.

Enjoy other stuff such as Annie Leibovitz about her portraits and Ellsworth Kelly who died recently talking about his art. In short – GlobalArt – inspiration guaranteed. Click ‘Follow’ when you get there.


Abstract # 17 – 2015 – Click on it!

The abstract can be in the real, the real can be in abstraction. And – yes – this is photography. One day I’ll tell you how and why.
Twelve other abstracts on my homepage.

New editions
Here are some of the 2015 works.

Welcome to my studio
always open for you. We just need to make an appointment first (see below).

Remember that art keeps us human. A good ‘weekbegin’ to you!

My best
Jan Oberg

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