The “Goings On” exhibition

This video is a guided tour around my studio in September-October 2015. I tells you a bit about the “Goings On” exhibition which opened at Cultural Night in Lund, Sweden.

It’s also a peep into my new exhibition space that combines photos on the wall, a unique 1200-volume peace library with Gandhi, philosophy, religion, conflict-resolution and international affairs and, third, a corner where lectures can be held and videos shot.

At the end of this video you’ll her more about my exhibition “Pictures At An Exhibition” and what it’s all about. That one opened on October 17, 2015 at Art Night Lund. I’ve written more about this idea and its background before, here.

If you are in the vicinity, please come around – just make an appointment first. If not, all hope is not lost – I’ll produce another short video where you can see this exhibition although you can’t see it…

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