Shoot # 27

Rouen Cathedral Suite # 1-10 © Jan Oberg 2015
Rouen Cathedral Suite # 1-10 © Jan Oberg 2015

shoot is a digital gift from Oberg Photographics – a moment of meditation with which I wish you a good weekend and “weekbegin.”

The photo above “Rouen Cathedral Suite 6/10” is one of ten of my latest edition – a suite inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s 1969-series based on Claude Monet’s impressionist paintings of the portal of that cathedral in the 1890s.

Having lived since 1969 with Lichtenstein’s series, I thought of applying photographic techniques to Monet’s classical painting. Lichtenstein did it in his “dotted” pop art, screen manner and did not have anything like PhotoShop available at the time.

This suite is about seeing, re-viewing and re-searching an image through the manual application of the new tools of our digital age. I’ve written about the idea and how it was executed here on my art blog.

Online art sales is growing fast but human communication is still number one. If you’d like to acquire a piece – or all – of the Rouen Cathedral Suite or a piece on my homepage, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The time when we think of giving gifts is rapidly approaching…

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