Shoot # 26

  1. Lund, Sweden – October 3, 2015

    A Penny For Your Thought - 2012
    A Penny For Your Thought – 2012

    Whether you are an old or new friend I welcome you to Oberg PhotoGraphics.

    shoot is a digital gift – a moment of meditation – with which I wish you a good weekend and “weekbegin.”

    The photo above “A Penny For Your Thought” (2012) is part of a little street photography I’ve done. Perhaps it is more precise to call it people photography? The woman walking down the street in the afternoon sun, seemingly in her own thoughts and with a man behind her, depicts a moment in their – and my – life that will never come again.

    There are a few more at my homepage – incidentally all with people. Whereas my Pavement Series is really about streets: How beautiful the streets we walk can be in and of themselves, with no people in the picture.

    Let me remind you of the GlobalArt Magazine where I curate diverse and inspiring stuff. All at your fingertips in one place, articles or videos added almost daily. Just click “follow” there.

    Online art sales is growing fast but human communication is still number one. If you’d like to acquire a piece on my homepage, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    My best
    Jan Oberg

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