Shoot # 24

Black Granite (Munch & Johns) - 2011
Black Granite (Munch & Johns) – 2011

Lund, Sweden – September 14, 2015

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Dear friend

Whether you are an old or new friend I welcome you to Oberg PhotoGraphics.

shoot is a single-photo digital gift – a moment of meditation – with which I wish you a good beginning of the week.*

The photo above is of a collage – “Black Granite” – from 2011 with significant references to Jasper Johns (Savarin) and Edvard Munch (Between the Bed and the Clock). Crosshatching is has been combined with my own pixelation technique in this floating tableu. Read more about it on the link and see more collages here.

If you are in Southern Sweden or Copenhagen?

Welcome!  – to the Culture Night 2015 this coming Saturday September 19 where I show some recent and new art photos at “Salon GoingsOn” and inaugurate a new multi-purpose exhibition room in which two intros take place: “Can You Take Pictures Of Peace Or Only Of War?” (19:00-19:30) and “Kicking the Cultural Life of Lund! (20:30-21:30) – intro and debate with visitors and with reference to the blog Kulturliv i Lund.

Online art sales is growing fast but human communication is still number one? If you would like to acquire “Black Granite” above or another piece on my homepage, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

My best
Jan Oberg

* Sorry for being late this time; we celebated the 30th Anniversary of the Transnational Foundation of which I am co-founder and director. Lots of work with an international ‘live’ broadcast seminar and with many guests.

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