Shoot # 22

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Cock And Zumo 2011 Reworked 2015 © Jan Oberg
Cock And Zumo 2011 Reworked 2015 © Jan Oberg

Whether you are an old or new friend I welcome you to Oberg PhotoGraphics.

shoot is a single-photo digital gift – a moment of meditation – with which I wish you a good weekend and ‘weekbegin’.

The photo above – “Cock And Zumo” – is a collage with references to Japan and two details from my pixelation works.

Photography is about seeing the world, but my work is also informed by browsing art and art magazine online, see what happens at museums, galleries and fairs. Thanks to Flipboard – a publishing platform that offers a totally new “flip” experience on any device – I now curate Oberg PhotoGraphics Global.

It gives me joy to share it. And – who knows – perhaps you’d get inspired to curate your own magazine?

After all, social media is about exactly this: the joy of sharing, mutual inspiration and helping each other keep updated about the common interest world. Last but not least:

Online art sales is growing fast but human communication is still number one? If you would like to acquire one of the photos on my homepage, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

My best
Jan Oberg

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