Shoot # 14

Lund, Sweden, June 28, 2015

“Couple With Clive Head” – In front of Clive Head’s ‘Thinking About Georges Braque’ 2013
© Jan Oberg 2015

I shoot out a single photo to you as a digital gift – a moment of meditation – and wish you a good Sunday and weekbegin.

What happens when we go to exhibitions? Much more than just looking at some art works.

Exhibtions are landscapes with pictures as scenaries in front of which spectators act and interact in particular ways. Many see art through their smart phones more than through their eyes.

They move in and out of art spaces and create ever-changing situations. Many come merely to be seen.

Can pictures of these art-ificial settings become art beyond documentation?

I explore that in some sketch-like photos I’ve uploaded to my Pinterest place under the headline  “Pictures At An Exhibition” (much else to see there).

Great artists like Eric Fischl, Thomas Struth and David Hockney have been interested in this perspective too.

Finally, don’t miss lots of new stuff about photography and other contemporary art around the world at the new GlobalArt Magazine which I curate. Welcome to follow it.

My best
Jan Oberg

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