Kulturnatten – Cultural Night in Lund: “Salång PåGång”

Unbelievable as it is, Kulturnatten is here again: Saturday September 20.

Here is what you may experience in my studio: 30-40 works you have not seen before, a special feature, new types of frames, travel and other photographs on various media plus two short debates.

Sålång Pågång continues for about a month – after Kulturnatten by appointment only on 0738 52 52 00 or at janoberg@mac.com.

Black Girl With A Pearl Earring # 6 © Jan Oberg 2014
Black Girl With A Pearl Earring # 6 © Jan Oberg 2014

I’m excited about it! I have had so many things to do in my other “world” – that of war and peace – where sad things like Israel-Gaza, Iraq and Ukraine have taken almost all of my time.

All works at Kulturnatten are new

It feels great, therefore, to now devote myself to processing, creating and printing various images that I have taken both this year and earlier.

I will introduce 30-40 new works – on fine arts papers, canvas and metal. Part of my joy comes from having the freedom to experiment with a diversity of media (PhotoGraphics technique) – as you’ll see.

Black Girl With A Pearl Earring

The feature I have in mind this Kulturnatten revolve, to a certain extent, around my pastiche on Vermeer’s “Girl With A Pearl Earring” from about 1665 that I have written about previously here.

I am happy to tell you that it has made its editorial appearance in the September issue of Sköna Hem, Sweden’s largest interior design magazine.

From Sköna Hem  (Beautiful Homes), September 2014
From Sköna Hem (Beautiful Homes), September 2014, page 104.

I have experimented with how to present Black Girl With A Pearl Earring. However I consider the variation more important than the theme therefore it will be exciting to showcase the different expressions in terms of sizes – from postcards to 61-91 cm (A1) – and media I have on offer – fine arts papers, canvas and metal.

You know, with me you get numbered and signed works taylor-made in sizes and media according to your wishes.

For the first time I will show some of them “live”.


Since last I have experimented with both making my own frames and buying frames at flee markets. I’m curious to see how various forms of presentation can shape a more attractive whole than just putting up prints on the wall. However, no glass in front – never!

Travel photo and pictorialism

There will be works from travels – e.g. Somaliland and Iran – meditative images, still-lifes, nature, photo paintings and more conceptual, even abstract, works.

I take inspiration from painters like David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg and Gerhard Richter and I have become fascinated by the concept of pictorialism – the trend that emphasizes beauty, photography that is not documentary or even resembles reality – but is more dreamlike and blurred (Richter..) – an image which, like a painting, has been created and doesn’t seek to represent anything from a particular time or place in reality.

Glass wall dialogue © Jan Oberg 2014
Glass wall dialogue © Jan Oberg 2014

Mini-talks two times during Kulturnatten

And then I hope to stimulate some thoughts and debate:

At 19:00-19:15 – I’ll give a little intro to Photo & Peace

At 20:30-20:45I’ll talk about Om KulturLivLund – a blog that contains posts exclusively about what to do constructively to revive the cultural life of Lund. I’m looking for art and culture enthusiasts who feel that something must be done but who don’t want to waste time just criticising – we know that something is wrong and distributing guilt just elicits negative energy.

Practical info

Arrangör: Öberg Fotografik

Plats: Vegagatan 25

Tid: 17 – 22

Utställningen “Salång PåGång” – Nya foton på papper, canvas och metall av Jan Öberg

Mini-föredrag 19: Foto & Fred

Mini-föredrag 20.30: Om KulturLivLund – http://kulturlivlund.wordpress.com

Sålång Pågång continues for about a month – after Kulturnatten by appointment only on 0738 52 52 00 or at janoberg@mac.com

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