Art Basel 2014 – will write about it

I’m happy to provide you with this good excuse to rest your eyes for a minute on various kinds of beauty and new insights, small and big, about the world we inhabit together:

My latest works are now on my homepage under “Recent editions” – rather diverse in terms of style and themes.

Browse a bit, see what you like and click the blue top-right button for information about each work (whether you want to buy one or not, that’s where the info is).

Next, the event in the global art world this week is Art Basel. 286 leading galleries from 34 countries present works by more than 4,000 artists, ranging from the great masters of modern art to the latest generation of emerging stars. The show’s individual sectors represent every artistic medium: painting, sculpture, installation, video, multiples, prints, photography and performances.


Art Basel 2013 © Jan Oberg
Art Basel 2013 © Jan Oberg

I’ll be there for as long as it lasts – Thursday to Sunday – and post some notes the next few days on my art photo blog.

The beauty of modern technology is that we can share and tell stories that enrich others at no cost.  Writing these posts about Art Basel helps me process the overwhelming impressions and also share with anyone interested and those who can’t be there themselves.

There will be lots of photos in my posts and of course they will also be on my Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. Hope you will take a look if yu have time!

My very best to you! And welcome to Art Basel…
Oh yes, it’s not only the Fair itself. It’s also Scope, Volta 10 and other places all over town…
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