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Open Gallery This Coming Saturday, December 15 – Online Exhibit Always Open

Time: 12-16. All other times are good too but by appointment only on 0046 (0) 738 52 52 00 or on

The exhibtion “Convertibles” with new photos by Anders Jönsson and myself continues – and there is a lot more to see.

Think differently this year: Give the Gift of Photo Art!


Photos on fine art papers, metal and canvas in various sizes from A5 to A1

With prices between US$ 20 and 1000 – dependent on format, editions, category, technique and media – you’ll always find something at Oberg PhotoGraphics that will make a family member or friend happy. Or perhaps you’ve been thinking of doing something new with your own walls – at home, in your study or your company?

Signed photo art works in limited editions and sold with print documentation will never lose its value. Furthermore, the  international art world has finally accepted that art photography is as much an art form as, say, paintings, prints, and sculptures. And prices are increasing.

There is always 40-50 pieces on show in my gallery in Lund. During all of December I offer you 20% discount on all catalogue prices.

New works in my virtual gallery

Welcome to my online gallery. You’ll find my production since 2009, now updated with 70+ works from 2012.  Find one you like and imagine it on your wall as big – or as small – as you want.

Here are the categories

Meditations MirrorsCollageAbstracts & PatternsBurundi BeautiesIraq Before The War JapanBurundiPlacesStreet PhotographyPortraitsUniques & Experimentals Digital Photo Drawings and ConvertiblesLund-Sweden

Read more about why I do what I do and how at my photo blog.

There is also my 2012 celebration of Lund – “Phoetry – 75 Poetic Photographs of Lund” available from art book publisher
– both in soft and hard cover and as e-book and also available from me in signed and numbered editions.

A warm welcome – really and virtually!

Jan Oberg




Morning sun in Småland, Sweden © 2012

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