Hyde Park Tableau Vivant 2012

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Early April morning in Hyde Park, London. Sun rays through early mist. Before the foliage you can better enjoy the sculptural shapes of trees.


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A simple picture? Yes, it is a simple picture but I’ve worked on this more than most.

Normally, lots of joggers and people walking their dogs this time of the day; enigmatically, none were in focus when I shot this picture.

I’ve deleted the Royal Albert Hall and the awful colonial monument at the end of the left path; a picture can also be about what you don’t see! Both paths now end in – well, nowhere. And the sky is slightly pink.

To the left and right I made the trees stop well before the edge; in reality they continue, of course.

I felt the motif itself invited me to experiment with essentials such as depth, space and time (lessness) and simplicity. So during the process, this field with these trees became a stage with actors in an un-arranged tableau vivant.

Visitors to my gallery mainly see the fork in the road or point to not knowing where the journey ends – kind of existential perspectives. Or they simply love trees, morning sun and simplicity. I’m happy if my images causes many different associations in the viewer’s mind.

I took the picture while visiting London to see David Hockney’s exhibition at The Royal Academy. I wonder what he could make out of this as a painting. You know, he doesn’t like photography. Or so he says.

I am working on this image in a few different editions, one among them will be black-grey-white, perhaps one inverted – or working with the light to become late afternoon. I feel there is more to explore, the light in particular.

I invite you to tell me what you think.

“Hyde Park Tableu Vivant” 2012
Inkjet print on Canson fine arts paper or on canvas
Formats & prices (excl postage):
A5 (148 × 210 mm) – Edition unlimited, 20 US$
A4 (210 × 297 mm) – Edition 50, US$ 115
A3+ (329 x 483 mm) – Edition 25, US$ 225
A1 (610 x 910 mm) – Edition 10, US$ 750
Signed and numbered.
Comes with print authenticity documentation.
Information/Order: janoberg@mac.com
Mob +46 738 525200.
© Jan Oberg

Jan Öberg

Lund, Sweden May 14, 2012

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