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I’ve written about Natalia in another blog post here, now you can see a few of the portraits I have made of her uploaded on my photo homepage. You’ll have to scroll a little down to the bottom.


“Natalia #1”
© Jan Oberg 2011

The site has been re-organized to some extent, now only 9 portfolio categories – many old pictures taken down. I know that people will not return unless you make changes now and then – and hopefully the site will reflect a bit my development as photographer.

In a preceding blog post I wrote about the new materials and technologies that fascinate me. You can now see some works printed on metals which are the result of that – experimental results in many ways. But I am proud of them anyhow, believeing they somehow represent a little innovation. I have much to think my friend and printing teacher, Anders Jonsson for!


© Jan Oberg 2011

I believe that my work earlier this year with pixel patterns are also worth meditating a second or two over. They all stem from one little corner of a press photography on an online daily. I took a little part, blew that up and took a small part of that and blew it up – and so on. And here appeared the little miracle – the pixel pattern that any and every digital photograph nowadays consists of. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, they do not look exactly the way they appear in my works now. I applied various filters to them like crosshatch and played with coloration. But whatever they look like now, the mini-mini building blocks are still pixels without which the pattern could not have emerged.

I must tell you that they are very rich in details – something that cannot be made to come through here. When printing them in, say, A1 format, an incredible richness of colours and sub-patterns come to the surface. And I have dozens of them, so many more than can be shown on the homepage.


“Crosshatch Series # 4/1”
© Jan Oberg 2011

People seem to like them for meditative qualities. For me – doing them and seeing them every day – bring peace, serenity and beauty.

Well, there are all the other categories, of course – please browse, comment, or subscribe. Or come by if you can or order a print. It soon Christmas, isn’t it?

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