👁️ Exhibition # 26 online

“China, America and Mona Lisa”

March 25-April 2, 2021

This exhibition opened on April 2, 2021, in my studio. We usually have the Easter Art Round marking the spring and all artists in the region opening their studios or homes. Last year and this – well, not quite so. But I did open this one – local as well as online with the sub-title:

“Photo-acrylic China ’Combines’ + collages, new and remastered works and digital paintings – diverse and experimental photographics.”

Like other exhibitions, this is a kind of mix that reflects what I am working with. Below find a slider – there will be a video too, but the slider permits you to move in your own tempo.

In the first room with the peace-and-global affairs library you’ll see the ten ‘combines’ – photography, artefacts and acrylic paint – I have created for the Silk Peace Art Road, SPAR, installation when it can be shown in China. See their portfolio here. Next, there are several works from China 2018, mostly collages, down the hallway.

There are also 4 photographics works of Trump and the Capitol Hill event, of Lady Gaga and one related to Black Lives Matter.

In the larger room, you see a series of experimental works, digital paintings, acrylic paintings and collages plus a couple of older works that I have re-mastered. There are works with reference to Jasper Johns, Caravaggio and Rumi’s poetry.

The ongoing improvement of Photoshop now permits you now to do things you could only dream of a few years ago. And I like to follow the latest, give old works a new – and improved – life.

And thereby give my visitors and clients the best possible experience.

In the final, smaller room with the desk and the printer, you’ll see more of this variety. “Walk” around by pressing the arrows in your own tempo. I hope you’ll enjoy your online visit – perhaps even see some details in the shops above – remember you can enlarge the works and get an impression of their quality.

Thanks for visiting. And do write your views underneath…

Welcome - from Easter and onwards

Perhaps a drink in the kitchen and a look at the peace research archive?

Thanks for your visit
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I want this art home to offer you an online experience – rich but not complicated to move around in – that resembles as much as possible your ‘live’ visit.

But of course, I also love to welcome visitors – by appointment only – to my studio, or gallery. It’s on the first floor of our house at a quiet street of Lund in southern Sweden, some 90 square meters.

Visitors tell me it’s more like a home than a gallery and that makes me very happy.

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