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Log book – What’s going on

2018 From October 1 to November 11, I travel around in China on my own. No detailed plan, being spontanerous. My 1983 Kodachrome slides from China have been scanned by a friend and is uploaded as a new portfolio before I go – and added to on the way as […]

SPAR Process & ideas

SPAR – Process & ideas

  Some thoughts about the work As pointed out above, the project already stands on some foundation in terms of photographic materials, structure and connection with the Silk BRI. Staying for an extended period of time in China, and travelling around, of course opens huge new vistas. Being in China, […]

SPAR China partners

SPAR – Chinese partners

The SPAR network related to China and in China: Mr Lai YiHshing and Ms Ji Yunong of LEBOO Ltd., London. Ms Lucia Pedrana, the European Cultural Centre, Venice, Italy. Ms Julie Brink, the Friendship Association Denmark-China (VDK), Aarhus, Denmark. Mr Zhang Li, the Chinese Cultural Centre in Copenhagen, Copenhagen. Ms […]