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"Silk Peace Art Road" SPAR

- working to get my SPAR installation from the Biennale in Venice 2019 travel around China and back to Europe along the new Silk Road...

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The photo on top is from China – find it and many others in the China 2018 Portfolio and its Shop.

Over the summer, I created or revised a number of portfolios:

• the Venezia Portfolio and Venezia Shop

• the Uniques Portfolio and Uniques Shop

• the Painting Portfolio and Paintings Shop

• the SPAR Photo & Paintings Combines Portfolio.

And I am waiting for a decision to be made in Shanghai about exhibiting my SPAR – Silk Peace Art Road – Installation that was shown in Venice during the 2019 Biennale.

In the last couple of months, I have sent out four “PostArt# newsletters to all the friends and art – and Oberg PhotoGraphics – lovers around the world. Sign up for it further down and follow my many ideas and plans in the future.

This is a real home

Me, Jan Oberg

Established in May 2009, Oberg PhotoGraphics is about experimental art photograph based on my photographics concept.

This is a real art home, not just a shop (but it’s fine if you buy). I care about giving you background stories, ideas and explanations – and relevant stuff under each menu above.

I want you to feel enriched from the moment you enter. And we always see more in an image if we know something about its context.

I struggle to make your online visit both easy and rewarding – so give us both a little time!

The Corona forces us to live and see art more online, but I have always worked with an international and not only a local audience. I hope, therefore, to give you a really good experience as close to the personal encounter as possible.


“I went through more of your photos this morning. They are incredibly striking, and give an amazing sense of place, and a feeling of being there in the moment. I’ve never seen anything quite like them. I cannot account for why that is, but something about them translates very freely between them and I.”

A visitor, himself an author and photographer, wrote in October. And in November, another visitor wrote:

Dear Jan, 
discovering you as an artist 
not a surprise 
since great humans 
like for instance

einstein, planck, 
heisenberg, dürr, 
c.f. von weizsäcker, 
were also musicians, 
erwin schrödinger 
wrote poetry. 

I am humbled and happy. They brightened my days in this dark autumn. I hope you’ll feel something too when exploring – and will let me know.


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A short video of my latest exhibition…

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